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Steve Hackman

Job Title: Co-Founder
How Steve Can Help: Steve always enjoys a good conversation and brightens days. He also delivers our cold brew and other local orders.
Contact: steve@onevillagecoffee.com

Executive Team

Andrea Hackman

Job Title | President

Andrea Hackman has been working in the specialty coffee industry since One Village Coffee launched in 2007. While achieving an MBA in International Economic Development, One Village Coffee was being formed and developed, and it’s initial business plan was formed as a part of her coursework. Fast forward 13 years, Andrea now serves as President of One Village Coffee, continuing to be the backbone of our Village.

Andrea ends every day stating the things she’s grateful for, no matter how big or small. Life isn’t always easy but remembering the good is important. She often find it’s the small moments and choices that make the biggest difference. Andrea’s been married to her husband for over 17 years, she’s a mom to 2 beautiful kids, and has a mini labradoodle. Believe it or not, she can also be super silly, and you can often find her dancing or singing along to her favorite songs on Spotify around the office or at home.

Lastly, Andrea wants you all to know that she loves being a part of One Village Coffee – because our customers, vendors, and employees exude positivity and for that she’s grateful to be a part of this community.

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Andrea Macey

Job Title | Administration & Finance Manager

Andrea has been with One Village Coffee for 5 years. As our Administration and Finance Manager, she wears a number of hats. She oversees customer support and general office operations, human resources, daily accounting and financial projections for the team. Her passion is understanding the interplay between a company’s finances and operations.

Andrea has worked in a variety of capacities in corporate accounting – from Big 4 auditing for PW Coopers to financial reporting for a publicly held company to her current position in the trenches of a smaller operation (her favorite job yet!). Along her career path, Andrea also returned to school to get her Master’s in Education which she used to teach Spanish for a year in a local public high school. This comes in handy these days on Friday mornings when she leads a weekly Spanish class for fellow One Village Coffee employees.

In her free time, Andrea likes to spend time at her home in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains where she and her husband kayak, hike and genuinely enjoy the great outdoors!

Steve Hoffman

Job Title | Director of Coffee

Steve Hoffman has spent a decade as a barista in several Philadelphia cafes. First starting with Bucks County Coffee, then Chestnut Hill Coffee, he helped open Town Hall Coffee, and then did a short stint at Ultimo Coffee before coming to One Village Coffee as a production roaster.

17 Years into the Specialty Coffee Industry, Steve Hoffman is now a Q Grader. His undergraduate degree is in Spanish, which helps him write jokes in Spanish in WhatsApp chats with our Peruvian partners. Seriously, being fluent in Spanish is invaluable when travelling to visit coffee producers in Latin America. Sharing language personalizes and deepens relationships and also reveals personality nuances that can easily get lost in translation.

Outside of coffee, Steve plays guitar as he loves to make ambient music. He loves abstract art. He’s colorblind... struggling with the reds. In high school his soccer teammates called him flower (short for flower power) because he had long hair, wore tie dye, made hemp necklaces, and wore leather sandals like all the other super cool mid 90s hippies. He has one tattoo, it’s handpoked, and his sister in law gave it to him! Check out her work @jellythorn. Steve’s lived his whole life within 20 miles of the Delaware River - He grew up in beautiful northwest New Jersey at the foot of the Kittatinny Ridge near the Delaware Water Gap and now lives down the river in Philadelphia.

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Sales Team

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Job Title: Sales Representative
How Zayne Can Help: Zayne builds relationships with prospective customers. If you have any questions about being a wholesale partner, reach out to Zayne.
Contact: zayne@onevillagecoffee.com


Job Title: Demo Coordinator
How Joshua Can Help: Joshua builds relationships with prospective customers. If you have any questions about being a wholesale partner, reach out to Joshua.
Contact: joshua@onevillagecoffee.com

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Job Title: Sales & Marketing Coordinator
How Kathleen Can Help: Kathleen supports the Sales & Marketing teams. Reach out to Kathleen for any sales & marketing inquiries.
Contact: kathleen@onevillagecoffee.com

Marketing Team


Job Title: Marketing Manager
How Jess Can Help: Jess partners with our customers on marketing needs, social media collaborations, and private label opportunities. She’s also in charge of our internal branding, so feel free to reach out to her with ideas or feedback.
Contact: jess@onevillagecoffee.com

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Marketing Team

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Name: Zach Job Title: Head Roaster


Job Title: Logistics Coordinator
How Ben Can Help: Ben handles all logistics in/out of the roastery. If you’re a vendor and need more info about receiving or pick up hours, reach out to Ben.
Contact: ben@onevillagecoffee.com

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Job Title: Production Assistant & Roaster