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One Village Coffee

Artist Subscription

Artist Subscription

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Roast Level | Medium Dark

Tastes Like | Balanced | Sweet | Toasty

In the early years of One Village, the basement years, before we had even graduated to the garage years, we came up with a signature blend called Artist. ‘Tis a tricky little blend where we combine two different roast levels of the same coffee. Well it’s not that tricky, it’s a well known technique called a melange, and it’s a great way to develop more complexity than a single roast profile can express. While it’s not exactly a popular style choice amongst the roasting vanguard today, we must be doing something right because it’s our #1 seller.

It's our favorite time of the year here at the Village, winter is finally over, the lush Pennsylvania forests are teaming with life. This can only mean one thing… fresh Manos de Mujer is back and better than ever! These women producers produce some of the best coffee in Honduras and we are proud to feature it.  Artist is our most approachable blend, with notes of dried fruit, dark chocolate and crème.  Enjoy this coffee on your favorite brewer, with crème or sugar, or just the way it is!

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