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Legend • Organic

Legend • Organic

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Roast Level Dark
Intense Smoke Dark Chocolate

Roasted deep and dark, Legend reveals a symphony of enticing notes, including rich dark chocolate, captivating caramelized sugars, and a subtle touch of smoke. Dive deeper, and you'll even discover the delicate essence of baked berries, reminiscent of indulgent pastries with a twist of slightly burnt blueberries and strawberries.

Legend is not your ordinary dark roast aimed at masking low-quality beans, a practice some roasters employ. Instead, we start with exceptional, clean coffees that boast good acidity and sweetness. Our roast profile is carefully crafted to bring out the very best in these beans, making Legend a dark roast like no other. 

Legend's exceptional character is forged through a meticulous blend of coffees: organic Colombia coffee infuses it with vitality and liveliness, while Peru Las Damas contributes those delightful dark chocolate and molasses undertones that define Legend's signature flavor profile.

Whether you're a dark roast devotee or simply seeking a bold and unforgettable coffee experience, Legend is here to elevate your coffee moments.

Legend is the key that unlocks the door between darkness and excellence, step on in. 

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