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    One Village Coffee

    Nightingale • Organic

    Nightingale • Organic

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    Decaf Medium Roast

    Cocoa • Spice


    Great decaf coffee starts with great ingredients. Nightingale features the carefully cultivated coffee from members of the COMSA co-op in Honduras. It’s decaffeinated using the mountain water process, a natural, chemical-free method renowned for maintaining much of the coffee’s original flavor. The coffee is produced as usual in Honduras and then shipped to Mexico for decaf processing. The green coffee is processed to remove the caffeine at the Descamex facility.  


    Decaf roasts come out looking darker than they taste. So, while you will notice that these beans look dark and sometimes a little oily, they are in fact a medium roast that will have a smooth flavor with no burnt notes. This happens because the green coffee is processed so much before it is roasted, causing the cellular structure to react differently to roasting. We roast the decaf more gently because of this. 


    In the cup expect chocolate and baking spices with wisps of dried fruit and citrus.

    What customers love about Nightingale:

    “Sometimes you want coffee but you don't want to be up all night because it's 7pm. Enter Nightingale!” 

    Decaf! Great for afternoons when I don’t want too much of a buzz.”

    “Good flavor, nice medium roast along with Nordico makes a nice half & half blend.”

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