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    Nomad • Organic

    Nomad • Organic

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    Roast Level Medium
    Brown Sugar Citrus Dried Fruit


    Peru Las Damas is the stronghold component of Nomad making up the majority of the blend. The accents come from washed process coffees with more of a citrus acidity, these change seasonally. 

    Peru coffees are grown at high altitudes in remote areas. Las Damas is a women produced lot from San Ignacio in northern Peru. These coffees are really well balanced with comforting notes of brown sugar, caramel, chocolate and pear. The women who are behind Las Damas are always managing new projects and developing new ways to improve the lives of their families. They focus their efforts on improving quality and consistency.


    Nomad strikes an impeccable balance, offering just the right amount of acidity without compromising on flavor. Nomad boasts a distinctive character, harmoniously blending classic and dependable notes of brown sugar and caramel with delicate citrus and dried fruits accents.

    We push the caramelization of this roast without imparting any burnt flavors. Think creme brulee, sweet but fully caramelized. We end the roast well after first crack is done but well before second crack begins. This medium roast profile is a crowd pleaser!  


    Nomad is a blend carefully crafted for those who seek the perfect medium roast experience. While Nomad shines as the go-to choice for cold brew coffee, its versatility extends to any brew method. Whether you prefer a French press, auto drip, pour-over, or espresso, Nomad's flavors will consistently delight your senses.

    Elevate your coffee ritual with Nomad, the embodiment of a medium roast that hits all the right notes. Its character and versatility make it a staple in the world of coffee, ensuring satisfaction with every sip.

    What customers love about Nomad:

    Nomad is a great winter cup.”

    “I love Nomad for its in-betweenness: I can have it alone in my Moka maker, black and rich and not too acidic or I can add both a bit of cream and molasses and make it into something they'd serve in NOLA in New Orleans.”

    “The flavor was great with our espresso drinks.”

    “I like that I can drink this without any milk or sugar because it’s really smooth and easy to drink.”

    “A great go to!!!”

    Nomad is your trusted companion on your coffee journey, always ready to please your palate.


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