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Roast Level | Medium Dark

Tastes Like | Balanced | Sweet | Toasty

In the early years of One Village, the basement years, before we had even graduated to the garage years, we came up with a signature blend called Artist. ‘Tis a tricky little blend where we roast one coffee to two different roast levels, then blend them together. Well it’s not that tricky, it’s a well known technique called a melange. The melange is a great tool to get more flavor complexity out of a coffee than a single roast profile can express. While it’s not exactly a popular style choice amongst the roasting vanguard today, we
must be doing something right because it’s our #1 seller.

Over the years Artist has become almost synonymous with coffee from the COMSA co-op in Marcala, Honduras, specifically the Manos de Mujer womens producers lot. For much of the year COMSA makes up 100% of the blend, but in the winter, the tail end of Honduras season, we add Peru to the mix to keep it tasting fresh and delish.