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    Chocolate Hazelnut Berries


    Nordico achieves its harmonious balance with a blend that's 50% natural Brazil and 50% washed Guatemala. Both of these are grown on smaller farms, a rarity in Brazil.

    Brazil Legender comes to us from the Minas Gerais region. Legendér Specialty Coffees is an organization dedicated to nurturing relationships with growers and ensuring fair prices in the marketplace. Most coffee regions in Brazil are well known for large coffee plantations. Legender goes in the opposite direction, consisting of small farms called sitios. These Brazilian gems, rich and chocolaty with a hint of sweet fruit, are a testament to the outstanding work being done by Legendér.

    The washed process Guatemala coffee we source for Nordico is grown by smallholder producers at high elevations throughout Huehuetenango. The soil here is mineral rich from the many volcanoes in the area and there is no shortage of rainfall. These farms are quite remote and not easily accessed, it’s a miracle that coffee makes it out of these mountains! These coffees are well balanced with a taste profile of chocolate, cream, nuts, citrus, and some floral characteristics. 


    This combo creates a symphony of chocolate forward flavors that dance on your palate. Legendér Specialty Coffees and their relentless pursuit of quality and meticulous lot separation caught our attention years ago on the cupping table. Over the years the quality has been dependable. For the Guatemala coffee we source for Nordico, we look for medium acidity, stone fruit and chocolate notes. We then roast these to a medium roast level, between first and second crack, to create a well caramelized roast that isn’t bitter or burnt. 


    Nordico, our flagship espresso, excels both as a standalone shot and with steamed milk. On its own it's a syrupy, chocolate-infused delight with a mild acidity. Experience sweet, chocolatey notes intertwined with hints of berries, orange, cinnamon, and hazelnut. Nordico's versatility shines as a brewed or iced coffee, offering a chocolate-forward, low-acidity, and subtly toasty profile.

    Whether you're an espresso enthusiast or prefer filter coffee with a lower acidity, Nordico has you covered.

    What customers love about Nordico:

    It is my favorite! We use it for espresso, and though we occasionally try other coffee beans at home, continues to be our favorite. I like the complex flavor, not boring, not like so many dark roast espressos.”

    “I like that it has a berry flavor to its profile. And the hints of chocolate and fabulous as well.”

    “Have used it to make morning espresso for 8 years, love it.”

    “What's not to love. Fell for it during the early days of pandemic as I fought my Starbucks obsession and never turned back! Started to ship when I moved away from the Wegmans that had it on location.”

    “This blend makes perfect tasty cappuccino!!”

    “Full bodied and chocolaty. Good for drinking without milk or sugar”

    “I love its Brazilian beans, roasted medium reminding me of Coconut palms, beaches and chocolate: it is strong yet smooth.”

    Unleash the flavor and versatility of Nordico, where every sip is a masterpiece.

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